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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday videos: Why our coast is amazing!

It's Wednesday, so instead of putting up anything long and tedious for you to read (or more likely, not read), I figured some videos were in order.  And what awesome videos they are! In keeping with the photos from Caamano Sound I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, these two videos highlight just how amazing our coast and inland aquatic habitats really are.

The first is from northern Vancouver Island's own diver, whale researcher and naturalist extraordinaire - the Marine Detective. I love this video because it brilliantly illustrates the rich and diverse sea life that we are so very fortunate to have on this coast.

This video originally appeared on The Marine Detective blog, which you can see here.

Of course, this video was made to highlight what is at risk if projects like the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline come to the BC coast. The second video has a similar visual message and was made in response to the Enbridge pipeline animation video, in which roughly 1000 square kilometers of islands were removed from the treacherous approach to Kitimat. The video below mostly deals with the wetland habitat along the pipeline route between northern Alberta and Kitimat, but it has such beautiful footage of these areas and the coast near Kitimat that I had to share it. Enjoy!

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  1. The world is so beautiful as depicted in the video I have just seen (the second one) and I can't imagine the mindset of folks who would rather have this paradise paved over or pipelined over.