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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dogfish Days of Summer are Over... (picture heavy)

Yvonne Etzkorn is the Donor Relations Coordinator at Living Oceans and is enjoying every last bit of Sointula summer.

Fall.  It means crisp air and beautifully coloured leaves. It also means the end of summer. But it's not all bad. Fall makes us appreciate what we have.  For example, this last week has been stunning despite the constant, heavy blanket of fog that covers everything until afternoon.  But after the fog lifts, when the sun comes out it, the view is breathtaking.  It really makes you appreciate the sun and the summer.

We've been very fortunate to have so many people not only appreciating summer but also appreciating the ocean and sharing that with us via our 3rd annual Ocean Exposures Photo Contest. The photos we have received are fantastic. (To see all of the photos we have received so far, check out our Living Oceans Friends Flickr page.)

From eagles:
Doug Emery - Gotcha

Monday, September 17, 2012

What do crickets and rain have to do with healthy oceans?

Karin Bodtker is Living Oceans' Marine Analyst.

There's a new phenomenon. Well, new to me. I'm not always the first to catch onto new things online. Millions and millions of people have downloaded videos from YouTube that bring the natural world into their home or workplace. I'm talking about sounds. Through a YouTube video, you can listen to the sounds of night crickets for 37 minutes straight (48,500 others have):