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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silent videos of remarkable marine life

Working in the marine conservation world in Canada these days can be very discouraging, you get up, go to work, spend your days in the office (if you don't work in the field), and go home with the hope that something you did made a difference. It can be easy to forget sometimes why you do what you do, unless you spend time watching the natural world.

Every single day there are amazing things happening in, around and under the ocean, even as we sort out our recycling and try to decide what to make for dinner. Here are a few examples in my favorite medium: silent film.

Even as you were lying in bed this morning, contemplating the pros and cons of hitting the snooze button again, thousands of rhinoceros auklets were flying home with beaks full of pacific sand lance to feed to their chicks who will soon fledge. Some of these birds make an 80 km round trip in a night to find food in the rich waters around the Scott Islands and other colonies along the coast. This is their story: