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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Witty Title Goes Here

Well, that was quite the hiatus.

Why has Water Blogged been silent these past two weeks? Well, I got a bad haircut. Obviously blogging was out of the question until it grew out.

Jake wasn't available because he heard a scary noise outside of his house one night and refused to come out of his bedroom for nearly a week afterward.

But to paraphrase James Brown: We're back. We're back. We're back. We're back. We're back. And we're here to remind you that there are things going on outside of the election and the NHL playoffs.

- Check out Alexandra Morton's downright narsty footage of glass sponges underneath a B.C. open net-pen salmon farming operation. For comparison, this is what sponges in a nearby area look like when they're not covered by 'sediment'.

- A few days ago, reliably recalcitrant fisheries grumble-dude Dr. Ray Hilborn took to the New York Times to make the case for guilt-free consumption of fish. I agreed with some parts, other parts...not so much. Read and judge for yourself. 

- Going back even further, a few weeks ago a team of researchers from Spain and France put forward a study that shows that several species of cephalopods (eg, squid, octopus, etc.) can suffer severe physical trauma to important sensory structures when they are exposed to low-frequency sounds. Just another piece of evidence that suggests that sound, and sound pollution, is likely much more important to ocean life than we yet realize.

That is all for today. Stay salty, loyal readership.

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  1. A real shame about those centuries-old glass sponges being smothered in such short order. That area is also a Rockfish Conservation Area intended to protect BC's rockfish many of which also live for up to a century from further decline;