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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Links - 98.5% Charlie Sheen-free

Hey, it's Friday! Got big plans for tonight?

No? You're going to sit at home with Blood on the Tracks on repeat, eating an entire block of Velveeta while thinking over all of the mistakes you've made?

Tough break. If you get tired of that, here's some stuff to read, I guess.

To cheer you up, here's a picture of my dog eating carrots.

Attention Americans: your sovereignty is being Canadians.
The Tyee continues its excellent coverage of how the Canadian and Albertan governments are working to undermine low-carbon fuel standards in the United States, and how Republican politicians are adorably puppy-dog-eager to accommodate them. Water Blogged dipped its toes into these unholy waters a few months ago.

Apparently, genetically engineered salmon aren't a hit with everyone
Timothy Egan takes aim at genetically engineered salmon in a New York Times piece.

Hearts warmed! Get yer hearts warmed, right here!
The "oldest known U.S. wild bird" - a Laysan albatross named "Wisdom" that is at least 60 years old - has experienced an eventful few weeks. First, she became a new mother, hatching a chick and becoming a minor celebrity as a result. However, before her 15 minutes of fame were up, the Sendai Tsunami washed over much of the nesting grounds at Midway Atoll. It killed many nesting birds - but the initial reports are that Wisdom and her chick survived.

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