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Friday, August 10, 2012

Wind on the Beak

Second in a series of blog posts by Executive Director Karen Wristen as she and her husband Jasper sail their 40’ Newporter sailboat “Viajador” north to Sointula.

Day two:  Pender Harbour to Lund

Thursday was a very fine day for anyone sailing south or east or even southwest.  We are of course going northwest, precisely the direction from which a brisk, warm wind blew all day.  This is why we chose a motor sailor for our travels through the Inside Passage and today, Viajador was a motor boat all day.  The sun was back with us as we motored along the length of Texada Island through Malaspina Strait.

At least the seas were a good deal calmer than yesterday, so the stowed goods stayed that way and I was able to fire up the computer and get some work done.  Marine life was still slacking, however; we saw the odd seal and possibly a sea lion hitchhiking on a distant log boom.   Even the gulls were inclined to ride rather than fly.

We made Lund by 6 pm after an uneventful voyage, only to find the harbor filled to overflowing.  One harried staff member was racing the docks finding spots for incoming boats to raft on—and this after Lund Harbour has nearly doubled its dock space in the past year.  Nice to see a small port doing so well.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out Nancy’s Bakery for some of her famous cinnamon buns and bread for the journey.

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