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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pint of Awe: Sperm whale edition

Now this is worth seeing. Amazing footage of an encounter with a sperm whale.

This comes from Howard Hall, who has several other videos that will make the rest of your day disappear if you're not careful.

Hat tip: Blogfish.


  1. Note: The above post should not be construed as encouragement on the part of Water Blogged (or any of its contributers) for its readership to swim, dive, or play with 40 ton marine carnivores. We accept no liability for any injury and/or death sustained during the performance of such activities.

    That said, what a breathtaking video!

  2. Yeah, good catch Jake.

    This disclaimer also applies to the "Babies Riding Dingos" video we put up a while back.

  3. Awe inspiring! Thanks, Xander and I really enjoyed it. Couldn't get over just how big they are!