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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ask your MP to vote for a legislated tanker ban on B.C.’s North Coast

URGENT: Ask your MP to vote for a legislated tanker ban on Canada’s Pacific North Coast!  
Dear friend,
We need your help TODAY. We’ve reached a decisive point in the battle to keep B.C.’s coast oil free. On Tuesday evening, December 7, your Member of Parliament will vote on a motion to ban oil tankers on the North Coast. Please take a moment to send the action alert below because it’s CRITICAL that MPs vote to approve the motion.

All three opposition parties in the House (Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois) are supporting the motion, while the government is likely to oppose it. But opposition MPs have to show up and vote so we don’t lose this opportunity to win a legislated tanker ban.

We're asking for your help to ensure the motion passes by e-mailing your MP to make sure they show up to vote for the motion. But also—and this is the really important part—we’re asking you to make a special effort to contact your friends and family outside of B.C. to get them to do the same with their MPs.

B.C. MPs who support this motion may need to be reminded to attend the vote. MPs in the rest of Canada know less about the threat of oil tankers on the North Coast and may not stick around into Tuesday evening for the vote – they really need to hear from their voters about this.

If the motion supporting a tanker ban loses in the House, it could be a real blow to the hope of achieving a legislated tanker ban on the north coast. While the motion will not be a legal ban, it is a crucial statement from Canada’s elected representatives.

Next, let's find your MP's email address. Due to the urgency of this vote we didn't have time to make a form to automatically enter the email address for your MP. Please follow the simple instructions below to determine your MP's email address, then paste the address into the next field as instructed.
  1. Please click here to be taken to the MP Search page of the Parliament of Canada website. This will open in a new tab, so this page will still be open in the original tab.
  2. Enter your postal code in the field provided on the Parliament of Canada website.
  3. Copy your MP’s email address from the "Parliamentary Address" section.
  4. Return to this page (by clicking on its tab) and CLICK HERE to open an e-mail containing the pre-written letter below.

  • Paste your MP's e-mail address into the TO section of your email.

  • Add or edit the message as you see fit.

  • Remember to sign your name and add your postal address so the MPs know you're in their riding.

  • Thank you so much for helping to save the coast from the threat of oil tanker spills.
    Jennifer Lash
    To my Member of Parliament:
    Canada needs a legislated tanker ban on the Pacific North Coast. It is the only way to protect the jobs, communities and environment of this very special place – the last remaining coastal temperate rainforest in the world.
    On Tuesday evening, December 7th, the House of Commons will vote on a motion calling on the government to propose legislation to ban bulk oil tanker traffic on the Canada’s Pacific North Coast. As your constituent, this is an issue that means a lot to me. I want you to make sure that you are in the House on Tuesday evening to represent me – and to vote in favour of the motion.

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